Five Top Vacation Ideas For Seniors


For seniors who love to travel and explore, there are plenty of options and opportunities for adventures of all kinds.  Even if you are not all that interested in travel and adventure, you can still have a great time taking a vacation that’s specially designed for your interests and your needs.

Idea #1 – Take an organized tour


An organized tour group is one of the best options for senior travelers, especially those who have not done a great deal of travel on their own or who are reluctant to visit a foreign country without a reputable guide.  Organized tours are plentiful and they can be found for practically any destination you can imagine.


There are specialty tours to specific countries, for specific age groups, and for specific interests.  For instance, you might want to take a wine tour through Italy, or a historic landmark tour through Great Britain.  Another possibility is a seniors cruise to a destination location or an old fashioned trip across the Atlantic Ocean.


Look for tour operators that are experienced and reputable, and be sure you understand all of the details about what is and is not included in the price of the tour.  You can also get a group of people together for a tour and sometimes be able to get a discount on the price depending on the number of people who go.


Idea #2 – Explore your family heritage


It’s fun to take a trip that explores your family heritage.  Visit the hometown where your parents grew up, or experience the culture in the country where your grandparents were born.  Find someplace to stay in the area you want to explore and spend some time looking around for landmarks or places you remember from family stories.


Visit the elementary school your mother attended, go to the library and look for a copy of the newspaper from the day your father was born, or walk along the street where your parents lived when they were children.  It’s a great way to have an enjoyable vacation while getting in touch with a part of your family history.


Idea #3 – Explore your local community


We can live in a place for our entire lives and yet never get around to visiting the local attractions or places of interest.  Why not plan a vacation devoted to exploring your local community?  Make a list of attractions and locations you haven’t explored and then map out an itinerary that takes you to the ones you select.


Approach this process as if you were truly a first time visitor to the area, even going so far as to stay in a local hotel and eat all your meals in local restaurants.  You just might be surprised at how much your community has to offer, and at the great fun you have exploring in your own community back yard.


Idea #4 – Visit a neighboring state


Visiting a neighboring state is a great way to enjoy a vacation without having to travel extremely long distances.  Do some research about a neighboring state and pick out a few interesting place you’d like to explore.  Perhaps there is a state park or national park, or some historic areas you’ll want to see.  Get your hands on a travel guidebook for that state and browse through the information in there as well.


Map out a route through the state that takes you to areas you’ve not been before, or to places you’ve visited in the past and want to see once again.  Be sure to allow plenty of time for exploring and relaxing along the way.


Idea #5 – Start driving and see what happens


This idea is for the adventurous souls who are willing to be spontaneous and see where the road takes them.  You shouldn’t just wander around, of course, but instead of putting together a detailed itinerary opt for choosing a general destination and then take the less crowded highways and scenic routes to get there.  Stop for historic landmarks, take a break to take pictures, have a picnic in a community park, or have lunch at a local drive in.


Your goal is to explore places you’ve not seen before, and to do so at a pace that is unplanned and unscripted.  Talk to the local residents when you stop somewhere for the night and get to know them a little bit better.  Ask if there are any attractions or activities unique to the area that they might recommend.  If you choose this kind of vacation, be sure to take along a notebook or a journal to capture thoughts and impressions of your big adventure.