resqupResQUp fall recovery device

The ResQUp is an up-from-the-floor mobility device developed and designed for the specific purpose of aiding patients, healthcare providers, and a wide variety of caregivers in clinical, assistive care, and in-home settings. The ResQUp is particularly useful in situations where an individual does not have the volitional strength or abilities to get up from the floor independently.

The uniquely designed and engineered ResQUp created by Dr. Peraza utilizes an incremental, ergonomically, and physiologically integrated system comprised of 4½ inch horizontal levels (3 levels at 4½, 9, & 13½ inches from floor level) that can be easily retrieved and placed into position while the patient is on the floor.

The purpose of the ResQUp is to make it easier for an individual to negotiate their way up to a chair height (generally ~18 inches) by one of two methods; 1) pushing themselves up using their hands, or 2) pushing themselves up using their elbows with minimal or no additional assistance from a caregiver.


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